Choose Your Mentor Step One of How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook

How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook (1)
Ten Steps Guide for Newbies

Step One: Choose Your Mentor

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about mentor in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.


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The first choice a newbie has to make is to choose a mentor. Why is that so important? If you want to do something you never made before, it is very logical to follow somebody’s steps in order to complete your project successfully. In this case, the first important step, I suggest to be done, is look around for a mentor. Somebody, who completed his first e-book successfully and sold it successfully.

Today it is very easy to search for everything.

Just google it. You can type “writing ebook” and watch for the results. Most of the websites you’ll get on your screen will give you an option to subscribe for a free e-course.

Subscribe for 3-4 of them and compile the information. You’ll find a lot of free e-books on the subject, too. Read the e-mails and the e-books and make a choice, who do you want to follow.

There should be at least one mentor, you are going to like and respect. That could be something in his style, strong logic or profound knowledge.

Whatever that is, you just follow your inner voice and make the choice.

Once you make your choice, follow your mentor. Study his/her system completely. Buy his or her product and follow it, step by step. This is not an easy path, especially in the beginning.


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Sometimes the most important aspects are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

By choosing one mentor and stick to him/her, you are solving one of the most serious problem today – information overwhelming. Most of the newbies are completely shocked from the amount of the information available on every topic they choose and that lead to so called paralysis. So, be tough and make your decision as soon as possible, in order to overcome that sickness quickly.

You may find later on, as your progress on your business, many other mentors, and they might be much better than your first one, but that doesn’t matter for the moment. Your first ebook has to be finished and you need to follow advices, coming from one respected source and that’s it.

Otherwise you’ll find that you are constantly looking for new info and days are going without the single real work done. Give your self enough time for the research on mentor and put a deadline for making your choice.

That shouldn’t take you more than 7-10 days.

Concentrate on the task. Apply diligent efforts to study available information on writing and publishing ebook and then make a decision and stick to it until the end of the project.

Here is the place to reveal who my mentor is. I choose to follow the advices of Brian Campbell. He is self-made millionaire, who built his empire from scratch. He offers a complete Internet Profit Mentor Program for newbies, absolutely free. In this program he teaches stuff for which the other gurus are charging hundreds and thousand of dollars.

There is a wonderful forum, where you can find professional answer on many of your questions, too.

Look for the next Step Two: Why an Ebook?

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